Hi, I’m Whitney!

I'm a rancher's wife, mother of two littles, follower of Jesus, wanna be seamstress, grower of produce, lover of farm animals, and hoarder of antique treasures. I live with my family in the oasis of the Texas Panhandle, nestled in the corner of a pasture on the King Ranch. 

We live 25 miles from town and over and hour to the nearest Wal-Mart, but that doesn't bother me the slightest. Beautiful sunsets, grassland for miles, hearing meadow larks, cows bawling, and a rooster crowing, watching our kids enjoy country life, and splendid starry nights make me feel as if we are creating a life I don't need a vacation from. 

Why Homestead?

Homesteading was a natural progression for us as we made our transition into country life. Growing up in the country and on a farm planted a seed early in my life that has now grown into a passion for wide-open spaces and raising our own food. In the coming posts I want to share with you our story as our homestead grows. Follow me for made-from-scratch recipes, food growing and preservation tips, sewing projects and patterns for any level seamstress, farm animal care, and ranching heritage. 

Whether you located in the middle of the city, in the middle of nowhere, or somewhere in between if you dream of homesteading you can achieve it no matter your location. From gardening in containers on a balcony, to having acres of plants to tend I hope you find my posts helpful, inspirational, and insightful. 

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